Accnu Enterprise

A Complete business solution your Enterprise ever need.

Accnu Enterprise

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One Solution that your company ever need.

Key Features

Anywhere and anytime

Allows you to work on any device such as iPad, iPhone, Laptop and esktop

Automated Backups

Your business data backed up every day without your intervention.

Zero Cost Maintenance

Invest on growing your business not on IT infrastructure.

Powerful features to grow your business in today’s world


Manage your entire sales process from quotation to cash. Process fulfillment and Returns.


Optimize your requisitions and purchases by managing the complete purchasing cycle.


Manage your real-time Inventory across your stores and Warehouses.


Enable efficient and productive Manufacturing Operations, dynamic work definitions and work orders.


Track and manage your expenses seamlessly with Optimized Expense Solution.

P2P Portal

P2P portal to grow your business network and exchange business documents effortlessly.

Financial Suite

Integrated with Intelligent business Analytics, allows you to take smart business decisions.


Project life cycle management and track all project tasks, operations and resources.

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Solution Pricing

Licensing and pay for the number of users and operating units you use depending on business requirements. With the modular structure you can opt what is required for your business. We grow as you grow.

Additional Products

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