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IZIL Case Study

Client Portfolio:

Our client is one of the largest manufacturers and award-winning luxury skincare, haircare and body care providers of the beauty industry with over a decade of expertise in UAE has enlisted EmphoraSoft to integrate Mindbody with NetSuite. They cover a wide range of well-known brands, customizable beauty concepts, and basic development to cater to each customer’s unique requirements. Their ultimate goal is to establish themselves as a leader in the beauty industry.

Problem Statement:

To enhance business efficiency, our customer requires a real-time acceleration of their operational processes. This involves synchronizing various transactions, including appointment scheduling, sales orders, transfer orders, purchase orders, item fulfilment, inventory management, and financials. By achieving this synchronization, our customer aims to strengthen their business viability and overall operational effectiveness.

In today’s dynamic and fast-paced business landscape, maintaining a competitive edge necessitates the real-time acceleration of business processes. By synchronizing a range of transactions, companies can ensure the availability of accurate and current information regarding their operations. This enables them to swiftly make well-informed decisions and respond efficiently to market fluctuations, thereby enhancing their overall agility and competitiveness.

Our Value Addition:

With its robust suite of tools and functionalities, NetSuite provides a comprehensive solution for managing diverse business processes. Our company’s specialists possess extensive expertise in effectively harnessing these tools to cater to customer needs. By conducting a thorough analysis of the customer’s requirements, our specialists can determine the optimal approach for seamlessly integrating NetSuite with Mindbody software, ensuring a smooth and tailored integration solution.

Enabling seamless data flow between NetSuite and Mindbody necessitates the synchronization of commands through the setup of API configurations. Our specialists expertly handle this process by storing these configurations in distinct sections, ensuring effortless management and maintenance. Furthermore, they create transaction types within NetSuite that are specifically linked to the data transfers, guaranteeing precise capture and processing of the data within the system. This meticulous approach ensures smooth and accurate integration between the two systems.

Our team of skilled developers is fully committed to leveraging the comprehensive functionality of NetSuite to meet customer requirements with utmost effectiveness and efficiency. With their expertise in synchronizing commands between NetSuite and

Mindbody, storing API configurations in dedicated sections, and generating associated transaction types within NetSuite, they ensure seamless and accurate data transfers. This enables businesses to make well-informed decisions, stay ahead of the competition, and thrive in today’s fast-paced market. Our developers’ dedication to delivering exceptional integration solutions is a testament to their commitment to customer success.


The integration of NetSuite with Mindbody has significantly reduced the need for our client to manually validate transactional updates, saving them precious time and effort. The integration process defines specific criteria for each record, enabling our client to easily determine the status of each transaction. Leveraging NetSuite ERP has greatly simplified our client’s business operations, with the support of EmphoraSoft experts in successfully implementing NetSuite into their daily business scenarios. This seamless connection between their systems allows managers to focus more on enhancing sales and managing execution, ultimately driving business success.