Sri Venkateshwara Automobiles

Distribution of heavy motor vehicle Spare parts from various manufacturers Years in Business: 12

We expanded our business and started a new division called TRUCKPARTS. We the new division we start selling our products to both B2B and B2C. Our major challenge is to implement different pricing strategies to our B2B partners and retail customers and compensate depending on business they do with TRUCKPARTS.

With the new pricing strategy module, we can classify our customers and partners into different groups and introduced loyalty points for promotions and increase our revenue.

Business Challenges

Our product MRPs fluctuate depending on availability and manufacturer and we were losing revenue because we do not have a system to track this fluctuation from other vendors.

We also have our major challenge on our operational processes such as procurement process and managing supply chain logistics.

How Emphorasoft helped to streamline TRUCKPARTS business processes?

Emphorasoft helped us with a customized solution to implement end to end supply chain management solution. We had several meetings to understand the business flows and operational processes and they came up a solution document of each pain point.

They developed a partner portal to manage all partners. With this solution we were able to process our customer orders from our nearest outlet and able to pick/pack/ship the order.

We are very happy to announce that we have an end to end solution to stable and streamline the business processes that helped us to increase the revenue for TRUCKPARTS.

With Accnu ERP Software, we can manage our central warehouse effectively starting with procurement approvals, Purchase order creation, approvals, receiving and managing products, staging the products in right bin locations. Now Our system allows us to transfer inventory from one company to other company during inward and outward.