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Digitalization of Aerostar Manufacturing

Digitalization of Aerostar Manufacturing


Aerostar Manufacturing, a leading global manufacturer of CNC production machinery with production units in United States and partner facilities in India and other parts of the world. Aerostar was using QAD software along with majority processes maintaining in excel. Few of their major challenges or limitations are

  • Material planning based on customers forecast and make the production ready
  • Managing end to end inbound and outbound processes with in the warehouse
  • Managing finances across the world
  • Quality issues
  • Seamless EDI integration
  • Managing dropship with the vendors across the globe
  • Lack of CRM module


To address these challenges, Arista Consulting collaborated with Emphorasoft NetSuite experts to implement a comprehensive solution. Here are the key enhancements made:

Demand Forecast & Automatic MRP generation

Process has been set to receive customer order demand through EDI document and based on the order demand system link up with MRP engine and generate the plan for procurement and sending the EDI to suppliers for shipment.

Production & Jobbing (outsourcing) process streamline

Process has been set up to generate automated work orders tagged to shop floor and system allows to update various statuses/stages. Performance can be tracked at each shop floor level and the resources spent on at each process.

In case of any material which is getting prepared out side (Jobbing) those processes are covering through jobbing process.

Tablet entry at production operations level helped to streamline operations seamlessly. Make to order and make to stock processes has been set up.

Warehouse Management System:

WMS system has been set up at item category, sub category level and seamless inward process through by keeping set up separately for bulk locations and primary locations.

Picking process for both sales orders and work order has been set up along with packing and shipping.

Packing slips printing and BOL printing for carriers with FTL/TL. Provision for inventory count has been provided in both automatic and manual way along with recording and resolving by posting necessary inventory adjustments with the appropriate reason codes.



Integrating NetSuite with Payroll portal, EDI portal (IConnect) along with production design/engineering related softwares like Autocad and Solidworks.

EDI Documents like 830 (Item demand) ,856 (ASN) and 810 (Invoice) has been sent and received from trading partners.

Drop shipments:

Aerostar sells some of the raw material also directly to customers and many of raw material has been procured from India. Suppliers from India directly ships the material to US customers by Aerostar packing and shipping labels and bill to Aerostar and Aerostar send invoice to customers. This process has been digitalized seamlessly

Accounting & Finance:

Having two subsidiaries USA and India, with USD as global currency entire processes set up along with both India and USA tax compliances


With these enhancements, Aerostar achieved significant improvements:

  1. Improved speed in order demand collection
  2. Improved speed in sending procurement to supplier
  3. Improved overall production plan and execution and resources optimization
  4. WMS processes towards inward/picking/packing/shipping has been improved.
  5. Average time of picking/packing/shipping has been increased 3X.
  6. Decision making and reporting is easy and in finger tips


Aerostar Manufacturing has been stabled and ready to expand and scale up towards increasing production capacity and as well as to server customers with in committed times.

Globally they all set to start new plants in other countries which they are planning to start in coming months.

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