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Digitalization of AyurVAID Healthcare, Apollo Group

Digitalization of AyurVAID Healthcare, Apollo Group


AyurVAID Healthcare, a leading healthcare provider, faced lot of challenges as given below

  • Managing inventory and lot tracking efficiently
  • lack of barcodes causing for operational issues and lot of time consumption while handling operations
  • Lack of vendor delivery schedule visibility
  • Inventory is not accurate as there is no periodical inventory audits
  • Lack of Point of Sale causing for delay in operations and high waiting time at counter


To address these challenges, AyurVAID Healthcare collaborated with Emphorasoft NetSuite experts to implement a comprehensive solution. Here are the key enhancements made:

Lot Tracking along with Barcodes:

We have Implemented Advanced Inventory module and implemented Latch/Batch controlled along with enabling item status and Bin management. Custom solution has been built for generating barcodes based on the combination of item, Batch#, Expiry date and Units.

Barcode labels can be printed online with key parameters on the label as Item, Item Desc,MRP,Batch and Expiry Date.

Supplier side Barcodes printing & ASN

By considering the limitations of NetSuite out of box, a customer solution has been built which allow supplier to login after authentication check, provides list of POs which are to be delivered at supplier end. Provision has been provided where customer can enter item level break up along with batch and expiry which creates ASN (Advanced Shipment Notice) along with barcodes printing.

Efficient Inbound/Inward Process:

While receiving the product from suppliers who already sent ASN, after verification physical stock (by scanning barcodes) in a single click Item Receipt gets generating by saving the time for entering the line by line item break up. For those suppliers who were not part of NetSuite eco system, provided provision to enter line level breakup and automatic barcodes printing.

Physical inventory Audits:

We have designed a solution which can be accessible through laptop/mobile and start capturing the physical inventory along with item status which helps to crate inventory count record process.

Ease of POS:

A simple POS screen has been provided where user can scan the barcodes of the item and based on the type of the sale (cash /credit) cash sale  or Sales order along with item fulfilment will be created. Provision for accepting the payments in multiple methods and the same methods has been tied up with respective chart of accounts in NetSuite.


Migration Process:

As part of the solution we have designed seamless process for converting inventory items to lot-controlled items by ensuring there is no impact on historical transactions. Barcodes and opening stock provision while doing one-time inventory clean up along with barcodes generation on fly.


With these enhancements, AyurVAID Healthcare achieved significant improvements:

  1. Improved operations efficiency by 20% with barcodes scanning across the company
  2. Complete visibility on inventory
  3. Cycle count /inventory count recording and resolving helps inventory accuracy.
  4. Control on Lot# & Expiry & Alerts on Expiry helping to return to vendor with in time.
  5. Counter sales processes are improved and customers waiting time at counters has been reduced.


AyurVAID Healthcare now enjoys streamlined inventory management, accurate tracking, and improved operational efficiency, providing better service to its patients and partners. By partnering with EmphoraSoft, AyurVAID Healthcare successfully bridged the gap between their previous state and the desired advanced inventory and lot tracking capabilities.

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