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Digitalization of IZILBeauty

Digitalization of IZILBeauty


IZIL Beauty , a leading SPA based out of Dubai and having branches across UAE, was having lot of challenges as given below

  • Managing inventory and Serial number tracking
  • Preparing production based on demand
  • MBO Point of Sale Integration
  • Warehouse Management System Implementation
  • Enabling Revenue Recognition


To address these challenges, IZIL Beauty collaborated with Emphorasoft NetSuite experts to implement a comprehensive solution. Here are the key enhancements made:

Production (Assembly) preparation:

The production module has been given such a way Assembly can be created based on the order demand and also preparing in advance based on inventory safety levels. Serial number has been assigned to every finished product. Managing many versions of BOM and WIP has been set up.

Serial Number Tracking:

Majority of the items are Serialized and at the time of production (Assembly) building serial numbers tagged to the products. Every stage of the system serial number must be entered and various reports given to look at serial numbers wise inventory.

Mind Body POS Integration:

Mind Body is a POS for SPA industry which will be used across all stores. MBO Integrated with NetSuite seamlessly including Locations, items, customers, cash sale, credit sale and with multiple payment methods and chart of Accounts mapping.

Warehouse Management System Implementation:

NS WMS has been implemented and all the processes configured for effective inward of the material and as well as quick outward process. Mobile devices has been installed for Picking process. Automatic inventory counts based on the setup, on demand inventory counts have been set up.

Revenue Recognition:

IZIL Beauty sells some of the packages which will be served for 6 months / 1 Year. For these packages Revenue Recognition has been set up based on the duration and recognized every month till the service completion.


With these enhancements, IZIL Beauty achieved significant improvements:

  1. Improved inventory control with serial numbers tracking
  2. POS Integration brings both the systems are tightly integrated and auto reconciliation helped to save 1.5 to 2 hours per day.
  3. Generating financial statements within a single click with accurate revenue
  4. Implementation of WMS and Assembly process seamlessly helps to build the stock and shipping to other stores.
  5. Cycle count /inventory count recording and resolving helps inventory accuracy.


IZIL Beauty has been stabled and ready to expand with their POS Integration, Serial numbers and WMS implementation, Advanced Financials along with production for make to stock/make to order.. By partnering with EmphoraSoft, IZIL Beauty successfully bridged the gap between their previous state and the desired advanced inventory and advance finance capabilities

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Hear from our happy customers