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Girl Scouts of USA

Client Description

GIRL SCOUTS of USA (GSUSA) is a well-established nonprofit organization with a mission to empower and educate young girls and women across the United States. Renowned for its Girl Scout Cookies program and various youth development initiatives, GSUSA operates a vast network of troops, volunteers, and an extensive e-commerce platform for ordering cookies, merchandise, and participating in Girl Scouts activities.

Pre State

Before EmphoraSoft’s intervention, GSUSA faced significant logistical challenges stemming from inaccuracies in shipping addresses provided by customers on their e-commerce platform. The pre-state was characterized by a high incidence of wrong shipments and shipment delays. Incorrect addresses, often inputted by customers, led to mis-deliveries, customer dissatisfaction, and additional operational costs. GSUSA recognized the need to address these issues to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline their operations.


EmphoraSoft developed a solution that acted as a bridge between the pre-state and the post-state. The pivotal component of this bridge was the integration of NetSuite Suite Commerce, GSUSA’s e-commerce backbone, with Smarty Streets, an advanced address validation service. The bridge aimed to validate shipping addresses in real-time, ensuring that they were accurate and complete before proceeding with order fulfilment.

  1. NetSuite Suite Commerce: The integration enabled real-time order processing, and it was seamlessly connected with Smarty Streets for address validation.
  2. Smarty Streets: This address validation service confirmed the accuracy and completeness of shipping addresses, offering suggestions for corrections when needed, and ensuring that each address was 100% accurate.

This bridge prevented incorrect or incomplete addresses from progressing through the order fulfilment process and allowed GSUSA to take proactive measures to minimize wrong shipments.

Post State

  • Following the successful implementation of NetSuite Suite Commerce and Smarty Streets, GSUSA transitioned to the post-state, experiencing substantial improvements:

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Hear from our happy customers