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Digitalization of Go Mobile Flooring

Client Description

GO Mobile Flooring is a Tampa-based flooring company with over 50 years of combined experience in the industry. They are known for their exceptional service and quality flooring solutions. The company was facing challenges in managing their website, payment gateway, and integrating payments with Solu-Pay into their NetSuite system. They sought a solution to streamline their business processes and needed day-to-day support for managing their websites and NetSuite operations.

Pre State

Before engaging with EmphoraSoft, GO Mobile Flooring was struggling with various operational challenges. Their website required customization to enhance user experience and offer a seamless payment process. Integrating Solu-Pay with NetSuite was a complex task, and they needed a reliable payment gateway solution. The company lacked efficient tools to manage their end-to-end websites, and their NetSuite operations were not optimized for their specific business needs.


EmphoraSoft provided a comprehensive solution to address GO Mobile Flooring’s challenges. The key steps of the bridge phase were as follows:

NetSuite Customization: EmphoraSoft customized GO Mobile Flooring’s NetSuite system to align with their specific business requirements. This involved configuring the system to manage various aspects of their operations effectively.


Payment Gateway Integration: A secure and user-friendly payment gateway was integrated into their website. This allowed customers to make payments seamlessly, enhancing the overall user experience.

Solu-Pay Integration: EmphoraSoft successfully integrated Solu-Pay with NetSuite, ensuring that all payment processes were streamlined and automated. This eliminated errors and delays in payment processing.

Streamlined Processes: EmphoraSoft identified and streamlined various business processes to improve efficiency and reduce manual effort. This included optimizing inventory management, order processing, and financial operations.

Day-to-Day Support: EmphoraSoft provided ongoing support to GO Mobile Flooring for managing their websites and ensuring that their NetSuite system ran smoothly on a daily basis.

Post State

Following the implementation of EmphoraSoft’s solutions, GO Mobile Flooring experienced significant improvements in their operations:

Enhanced Website Functionality: The customized website and integrated payment gateway provided a seamless and user-friendly experience for customers, resulting in increased online sales.

Efficient Payment Processing: Solu-Pay integration with NetSuite led to a dramatic reduction in errors and delays in payment processing. This enhanced the financial stability of the company.

Streamlined Business Operations: With optimized processes, GO Mobile Flooring was able to manage its inventory, orders, and financial operations more efficiently. This resulted in cost savings and improved productivity.

Ongoing Support: EmphoraSoft’s day-to-day support ensured that GO Mobile Flooring’s websites and NetSuite operations continued to run smoothly, providing them with peace of mind and the ability to focus on their core business activities.

By collaborating with EmphoraSoft, GO Mobile Flooring was able to overcome their operational challenges, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve a more streamlined and efficient business model.

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Hear from our happy customers