Leadership Team

Sudheer Allampati

Co-Founder, Director – Business Solutions

Sudheer is a Co-Founder and Director of Business Development, accnu – online ERP software.

Sudheer has 15 years of experience in product development and Implementation.  Implemented NetSuite (Oracle’s Product) WMS & ERP across USA, Canada, India and Mexico. He worked as a Principle Consultant/Solution Architect for companies like Wipro, NetSuite.

Sudheer Implemented ERP & Warehouse Management system for fortune 100 companies in USA and India.

Education – Masters in computer science – India

Mail: [email protected]


Rami Reddy

Co-Founder, Director –Development & Customer Support.

Ram is responsible for product development and customer support.

Ram has a 14 Years’ Experience in Development with sound Technical background, expertise in Developing and Customizing ERP applications and delivering the IT solutions. Ram held Consulting experience with Satyam and Hitachi on supporting and delivering the IT solutions.

Education – Master of Science

Mail: [email protected]

Shahid Lavani

Tech Architect – Web Security and Development

Shahid is Web architect and responsible for web security and UI technologies. Shahid has 10 years of experience in web development, security and UI technologies with sound technical background. Shahid implemented web solutions in major US health organizations and located in USA Boston. Education – M.S – NJ USA

Mail: [email protected]


Rafiq Ahamed

Co-Founder, Director –Global Sales and Infrastructure.

Rafiq is a Co-Founder, and Director of Infrastructure, Marketing and Sales. responsible for managing the Infrastructure and Global sales. 

Rafiq has a 15 years of Consulting Experience in Database design and Infrastructure services, expertise in Managing high end servers for large scale ERP applications such as Oracle Apps and SAP.

Rafiq held Consulting experience with fortune 100 companies on managing and delivering cloud infrastructure services to large scale application vendors.

Education – MCA, India

Mail: [email protected]