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Client Description

Priano, a leading provider in the design and selection of space, aims to revolutionize the industry. They believe that choices, design, and seamless installation can go hand in hand. To effectively communicate with their customers and partners, Priano sought a solution that would offer a Web Portal tightly integrated with NetSuite. This portal would enable customers to gain visibility into their quotes, orders, invoices, and payment options. Partners could also register on the portal, defining their tiers, and access a comprehensive overview of their customers. The portal also provided a channel for admin and company users to broadcast messages related to events and promotions

Pre State

Prior to implementing the Web Portal solution offered by EmphoraSoft, Priano faced several challenges. Their communication with customers and partners was fragmented and lacked a centralized platform. Customers struggled to track their quotes, orders, and invoices efficiently, and the payment process was not user-friendly. Partners had limited insight into their customer base, which hindered their ability to manage and provide better services. The company also lacked an effective means of broadcasting messages about their events and promotions.


EmphoraSoft’s solution involved the following key steps in bridging the gap:

Web Portal Development: EmphoraSoft developed a Web Portal that seamlessly integrated with Priano’s NetSuite system. This portal served as a unified platform for effective communication with customers and partners.

Customer Visibility: Customers gained access to the portal, where they could conveniently view and track their quotes, orders, and invoices. The portal provided them with a user-friendly interface to clear payments seamlessly, with integration to NetSuite ensuring accuracy.

Partner Registration and Visibility: Partners were encouraged to register on the portal. They were able to define their tiers and achieve comprehensive visibility into their customer base. This feature facilitated better service provision and management.

Broadcasting Messages: Admin and company users were granted the ability to broadcast messages related to events, promotions, and other important communications. This feature allowed for better engagement and interaction with customers and partners.

Post State

  • Following the implementation of EmphoraSoft’s Web Portal solution, Priano experienced significant improvements in their operations:


    Unified Communication: The Web Portal provided Priano with a single, unified platform to communicate effectively with both customers and partners. This streamlined their communication processes.

    Enhanced Customer Experience: Customers now had visibility into their quotes, orders, and invoices, making the tracking process more transparent and user-friendly. Payment processing was simplified, enhancing the overall customer experience.

    Empowered Partners: Partners could register and define their tiers on the portal, gaining complete visibility into their customer base. This empowered them to offer better services and manage their customers more effectively.

    Effective Messaging: The ability to broadcast messages allowed Priano to engage with customers and partners about events, promotions, and other important matters, resulting in improved customer engagement and participation.

    EmphoraSoft’s solution effectively addressed Priano’s communication and customer engagement challenges, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient system.

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