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Expand your online platform using SuiteCommerce in 2024

Updated On: 10-04-2024

Author: Emphorasoft

NetSuite SuiteCommerce goes beyond an ERP system. It’s a cloud-based eCommerce platform that provides a single, unified view of your entire business.  Omnichannel retailers can streamline operations, connect all systems, and gain real-time insights into everything – from customers to inventory. Unlike other ecommerce platforms that require complex integrations with ERPs, SuiteCommerce is the native integration with NetSuite. This saves you the hassle (and cost) of managing separate systems and custom integrations. Going with a unified solution can focus on running your business rather than spending more on software integrations.

Modern businesses need to offer a seamless shopping experience across all channels. NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce solutions keep you ahead of the curve by uniting your business applications. This means you have a single, centralized view of your customers, inventory, items, and orders.

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Features of SuiteCommerce: Empowering Your Business with All-in-One Ecommerce

Effortless Storefront Design: Craft a beautiful online store that reflects your brand with a library of pre-built, mobile-responsive themes. The intuitive drag-and-drop builder allows for easy customization, ensuring your website looks stunning on any device.

Centralized Order Management: Take control of your orders from a single hub. Process orders, track shipments, and manage returns and exchanges with ease. Real-time inventory updates eliminate the risk of overselling, keeping your operations running smoothly.

Real-time Inventory Management: Gain complete visibility into your stock levels across locations with SuiteCommerce robust inventory tools. Optimize your stock levels, reduce carrying costs, and ensure you always have the products your customers need.

Built-in Marketing Powerhouse: Drive traffic and boost sales with a suite of integrated marketing tools. Leverage email marketing, SEO optimization, social media integration, and personalized promotions to reach your target audience effectively.

Seamless Customer Service: Provide exceptional customer support through live chat, email channels, and phone support options. Empower your customers with a self-service portal where they can track orders and access order history for a frictionless experience.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting: SuiteCommerce equips you with advanced analytics and reporting tools to unlock valuable insights into your customers, sales trends, and overall performance.  These insights empower you with a clear understanding of customer behaviour and sales trends, you can refine your marketing strategies, optimize product offerings, and maximize your bottom line.

Why SuiteCommerce Stands Out:

Effortless Efficiency: SuiteCommerce boasts a native connection between your storefront and back-office systems. This eliminates data silos, boosts transparency, and streamlines your operations – often cited as the platform’s greatest strength.

Marketing Made Easy: Run targeted product promotions with ease! SuiteCommerce seamlessly integrates with email marketing tools, allowing you to directly reach your audience and drive sales.

Flexibility at Your Fingertips: Out-of-the-box features combined with extensive customization options empower you to create a dynamic and adaptable web store that perfectly reflects your brand and caters to your specific needs.

Trusted Support: Enjoy peace of mind with SuiteCommerce a friendly and reliable support team, always ready to assist you.

Empowering Knowledge: SuiteCommerce offers comprehensive and informative documentation, ensuring you have the resources to get the most out of your ecommerce platform.

How Emphorasoft helps companies to implement Suitecommerce with ease?

Emphorasoft is Oracle NetSuite Authorized solution provider along with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification helped many customers in implementing Suite Commerce and Suite Commerce Advanced. Few of the customers are Good Day Chocolate,Lighting,Zinrelo and Kimmie candy.

Emphorasoft plays a major role in seamless implementation by owning major of the customer requirements collecting from our end. After understanding customer’s requirement and the USP of their business, our SCA experts shows them multiple themes suitable to their business so that it would be easy for selecting customers. Starting from loading items, images or migrating the data from existing websites everything will be taken care by our team. With our digital marketing expertise our team also comes up with the keywords which can help to improve their SEO ranking.

Apart from setting up the sites and UI/UX prospective, setting up kits/packages, discounts, coupon codes etc, integrating with Smartystreets for address verification and reducing wrong shipments and connecting with various payment gateways for ease of payment collection.

We are experts in Suite commerce or Suite commerce Advanced Customizations which always helps to scale up operations. We are experts in implementing SCIS (Suite Commerce in Store) and NS POS (NetSuite’s Point of Sale)


SCA integrates ecommerce with NetSuite core ERP. Providing a single view to customer starting from ordering (over web) , delivery, invoicing and payments, procurement and financials.

With SCA, developers have complete access to the source code, enabling them to build and deploy ultra-custom applications that can’t be done with SC

SCA has built in integration capabilities with NetSuite and the object framework is same as NetSuite. However, when we choose external ecommerce players like Shopify, external integration has to built and also the framework is different when compares with NetSuite.

SCA has built in integration capabilities with NetSuite and the object framework is same as NetSuite. However, when we choose external ecommerce players like Shopify, external integration has to built and also the framework is different when compares with NetSuite.

NetSuite’s point of sale solution (POS), SuiteCommerce InStore, provides merchants with a full range of traditional point of sale transaction capabilities, such as cash and carry, returns and exchanges, plus the ability to access up-to-date inventory and customer information.

Top 5 tips/rules for SC/SCA implementation: Establish clear objectives, prioritize user experience, ensure seamless integration, conduct thorough testing, and provide comprehensive training and support.

Top 3 points to avoid in SC/SCA implementation: Neglecting security measures, overlooking scalability requirements, and failing to align with regulatory compliance standards.

Benefits of SuiteCommerce: Unified commerce platform, customizable and scalable solutions, enhanced customer experience, streamlined operations, and integrated backend systems.

Licensing wise $2499 per month for Suite Commerce Standard and $4,999 per month for Suite Commerce Advanced.

Key features and functionalities of SuiteCommerce include advanced merchandising capabilities, omnichannel commerce support, integrated order management, personalized shopping experiences, robust SEO tools, and seamless integration with ERP systems like NetSuite, distinguishing it as a comprehensive and tailored solution for businesses.

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