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Ultimate ERP Solution for your Food & Beverage Business

Updated On: 22-04-2024

Author: Emphorasoft

The food and beverage industry thrives on three pillars: exceptional quality, minimal waste, and delighted customers. However, as businesses flourish and complexity increases, the trusty pen-and-paper methods and isolated software systems that once sufficed can quickly become a burden. Manual inventory checks, basic accounting tools, and outdated production processes simply don’t cut it in today’s dynamic landscape.

The key to smoother operations and innovative growth lies in embracing modern technology. Disparate systems that fragment information across the F&B supply chain – from manufacturing to distribution – hinder efficiency and scalability. Here’s where the modern software solution NetSuite for food and beverage industry is the #1 choice for inventory and order management, e-commerce, financials and CRM.

NetSuite ERP acts as a central hub, consolidating information and functionalities into a single source of truth. This transparency empowers F&B businesses to make informed decisions, streamline processes, minimize waste, and ultimately, keep their customers raving about their products and services.

Need of NetSuite ERP for food and beverage industry:

NetSuite ERP furnishes businesses operating in the Food and Beverage industry with a competitive advantage via a range of economical and streamlined cloud-based solutions. These encompass inventory and order management, e-commerce, as well as financial and Customer Relations Management (CRM).

As NetSuite ERP is a cloud-based solution, that provides businesses with instant access to real-time data. This capability empowers businesses to analyze data promptly, leading to precise demand forecasting that minimizes stock shortages and prevents overstocking of perishable goods and other valuable items.

Furthermore, NetSuite facilitates seamless communication between businesses, vendors, trading partners, and suppliers across the entire supply chain. This streamlined communication allows for accurate tracking and auditing of product movements and life cycles, ensuring the integrity and quality of the products throughout the process.

The Unique requirements of the Food and Beverage Sector are addressed by NetSuite ERP:

  1. Optimized Supply Chain: NetSuite’s cloud-based architecture provides real-time data visibility across your entire supply chain. This empowers you to make informed decisions regarding inventory control, procurement, and production planning. Additionally, multi-location inventory management simplifies monitoring and ensures you have the right products in the right places.
  2. Streamlined Sales Cycles: NetSuite integrates your customer journey seamlessly across all channels, from online orders to in-store interactions. This fosters faster transactions, reduces errors, and strengthens long-term customer relationships.

Omnichannel Access: Manage your business from anywhere with NetSuite’s omnichannel capabilities. Process orders efficiently, conduct accurate financial accounting, and manage customer interactions – all through a unified platform accessible via web, mobile, call centre, or B2B portals.

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NetSuite Features for Food & Beverage Industry:

NetSuite ERP isn’t just another software solution – it’s built specifically for the unique needs of food and beverage businesses. Here’s how it streamlines your operations and fuels your growth:

Supply Chain Planning :

NetSuite supply chain planning solution empowers businesses to balance supply and demand effectively, optimizing cost management, lead times, and service levels. Leveraging advanced inventory management, demand forecasting methodologies, and a powerful scheduling engine supported by predictive analytics, NetSuite equips businesses with actionable insights for strategic decision-making. By ensuring product availability while minimizing excess inventory, NetSuite enables businesses to achieve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Using NetSuite you can manage and optimize your supply chain effectively, being an ERP you get real-time updates on production data, financial reports, inventory and outstanding orders. NetSuite supply chain management helps your business to Improve cashflow, Minimize risks and Increase profits.

Effective Procurement process:

NetSuite Procurement streamlines business operations by offering automated approval routing and real-time insights into spending and vendor performance. With easy-to-use features, it saves employees valuable time while ensuring purchases are made at optimal costs and within deadlines. By channelling purchases to approved suppliers and pre-negotiated contracts, it reduces expenses and enhances visibility into company spend. Additionally, NetSuite enhances the accuracy and efficiency of the procure-to-pay process through automation, linking key transactions, and providing approval workflows to support internal controls and compliance needs.

Tracing Lot numbers with NetSuite Inventory Management:

Accurate inventory management goes beyond simply counting how many items you have in stock. For many manufacturers, tracking products by lot numbers is crucial for quality control and customer service.

Effective inventory management requires tracing products throughout their lifecycle. Lot and serial numbers provide a window into a product’s origin and its current location within the supply chain.

In NetSuite, lot numbers can be generated automatically. Once the lot number record is established, you can designate an expiration date, document the actual cost of goods associated with that production lot, and enter notes or irregularities in the production batch for future reference.

NetSuite’s Bill of Materials (BOM):

NetSuite’s Bill of Materials (BOM) functionality enhances production efficiency and accuracy. By detailing all necessary materials and components, organizations can pre-emptively identify and price everything required for manufacturing, minimizing the risk of delays due to shortages or overproduction.

Creating a BOM is simple in NetSuite, determine what type of data you want to include to create BOM. Centralise the BOM record to remain accurate, access control over the BOM to track who are creating multiple revisions.

Regular updates to BOMs are common practice, ensuring relevance and accuracy. It’s crucial to diligently track all modifications to maintain the BOM’s reliability. Keeping a vigilant eye on BOM revision records enables organizations to stay informed about changes and maintain operational efficiency.

Production Control:

NetSuite’s Production Control module helps with scheduling, work order administration, and maintaining product quality. Operating from a centralized platform, users can seamlessly generate, release, update, and monitor work orders and inventory items across the manufacturing journey.

In make-to-order settings, work orders can be automatically generated from sales orders, facilitating a smooth transition from order placement to production. Streamlining multi-level assembly processes, a single work order can oversee complex assembly tasks, simplifying multi-level work order processing for enhanced efficiency.

Netsuite CRM for Food and Beverage Industry:

NetSuite CRM(Customer Relationship Management) is a robust solution, offering a comprehensive view of your customers from a unified platform. Throughout the customer lifecycle, from lead generation to opportunity, sales order, cross-sell, and support, NetSuite CRM seamlessly facilitates the flow of information.

NetSuite CRM offers powerful capabilities tailored for food and beverage brands, encompassing Sales Force Automation (SFA), marketing automation, customer support and service, ecommerce, and flexible customization—all within a comprehensive cloud-based CRM solution. NetSuite also incorporates robust sales performance management, order management, and omnichannel management features.

NetSuite SuiteCommerce & Netsuite SuiteCommerce:

NetSuite SuiteCommerce offers comprehensive e-commerce and point-of-sale (POS) solutions, enabling businesses to transition from disparate online and in-store channels to a unified ecosystem that seamlessly integrates all customer touchpoints. NetSuite SuiteCommerce facilitates both B2C and B2B e-commerce seamlessly within one platform. Delivering engaging and personalized experiences, the B2C site meets consumer expectations, while the B2B site goes beyond by providing additional functionalities tailored to the unique needs of business users.

Enabling SuiteCommerce Store Pickup feature for Commerce websites allows your customers the flexibility to collect their orders from your retail locations instead of opting for traditional shipping to a designated address. By enabling Store Pickup, you provide customers with an added convenience in receiving their orders.

Netsuite SuiteCommerce InStore mobile POS equips retailers with comprehensive point-of-sale functionalities, including cash and carry, returns and exchanges, alongside seamless access to complete inventory and customer details. This empowers associates to effectively engage shoppers, boost sales, and deliver satisfying shopping experiences.

Customer Return Management:

Customer returns are managed through two distinct processes. Firstly, customer return management focuses on tracking information associated with items that customers return to your business. Secondly, customer credits and refunds involve crediting the customer with a credit memo or issuing a refund subsequent to their return of an item. These processes ensure efficient handling of customer returns and uphold customer satisfaction standards.

When a customer initiates a return, it is tracked through a return authorization process. Each return authorization captures details refers to the Customer Returns Process, item numbers, prices, and procedural status updates for each return. This comprehensive process involves tasks such as issuing and approving return authorizations, receiving returned items into inventory, issuing credits or refunds to customers, and finalizing an authorization.


Emphorasoft is an Oracle NetSuite Authorized solution provider with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification and is a reliable and trusted partner for food and beverage companies looking for the best ERP system. Our advanced and comprehensive approach addresses the unique challenges faced by these sectors, providing them with unparalleled efficiency, visibility, and control.  With NetSuite’s powerful capabilities and Emphorasoft’s expertise, organizations can efficiently navigate difficulties, promote growth, and stay ahead in today’s competitive environment.

Emphorasoft specialises in NetSuite Solutions, assisting businesses within the Food and Beverage Industry in maximizing the potential of NetSuite functionalities. We achieve this by pinpointing individual business requirements and delivering budget-friendly solutions tailored to meet those needs and demands precisely. Emphorasoft further aids businesses by offering Netsuite consultation services to ascertain business needs and guiding through Netsuite implementations to ensure successful outcomes.


NetSuite ERP is specifically tailored to address the unique challenges of the food and beverage sector, offering features like optimized supply chain management, lot number tracing for quality control, and streamlined production control. Its cloud-based nature ensures real-time data access and seamless communication across the supply chain, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

NetSuite ERP provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, enabling businesses to accurately forecast demand and minimize stock shortages or overstocking of perishable goods. Its lot number tracing feature allows for effective tracking of product movements and ensures the integrity and quality of perishable items throughout the supply chain.

Yes, NetSuite ERP offers SuiteCommerce solutions for comprehensive e-commerce integration. Businesses can seamlessly manage online orders, process transactions, and synchronize inventory data across multiple channels, including web, mobile, and B2B portals, enhancing the overall customer experience.

NetSuite ERP streamlines procurement processes by offering automated approval routing, real-time insights into spending, and vendor performance. It simplifies purchasing by channeling orders to approved suppliers and pre-negotiated contracts, reducing expenses and enhancing visibility into company spend.

NetSuite ERP includes features like Bill of Materials (BOM) management and production control modules to enhance efficiency and accuracy in manufacturing processes. It allows businesses to pre-emptively identify required materials, schedule production tasks, and seamlessly monitor work orders across multiple levels of assembly.

NetSuite CRM offers a comprehensive view of customers from lead generation to post-sales support, facilitating personalized interactions and long-term relationships. It includes features like sales force automation, marketing automation, and order management tailored to the specific needs of F&B brands, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

While NetSuite ERP is user-friendly, Emphorasoft’s expertise as an Oracle NetSuite Authorized solution provider can ensure successful implementation and customization tailored to individual business needs. Their consultation services help businesses navigate challenges and maximize the potential of NetSuite functionalities for optimal outcomes.

NetSuite ERP includes features for compliance management, such as tracking lot numbers for quality control and ensuring adherence to food safety regulations. It provides robust reporting capabilities to demonstrate compliance with industry standards and regulatory bodies, helping businesses maintain integrity and meet legal obligations.

Yes, NetSuite ERP is designed to scale with the growth of businesses in the food and beverage industry. Its cloud-based architecture allows for flexibility and scalability, accommodating increased transaction volumes, expanding product lines, and entering new markets. With customizable features and modules, NetSuite can adapt to evolving business needs over time.

NetSuite ERP enables F&B businesses to deliver superior customer service by providing a comprehensive view of customer interactions and preferences. With integrated CRM functionalities, businesses can personalize marketing efforts, track customer feedback, and resolve inquiries efficiently. This leads to enhanced customer satisfaction, loyalty, and repeat business.

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